“Your work is AMAZING :)” Jul 25, 2015

Square Happy Face : Environment, Customer Service, Selection, Quality, Wait Time, Other

“I called to see if they were still open because it was raining. They were and they put my selection aside so I would have when I arrived. Great service. Thank you.” Nov 15, 2015

Square Happy Face : Wait Time, Quality, Environment, Selection, Customer Service

“Kind and generous discount on gift for my mother! Thank you so much!” Nov 27, 2015

Square Happy Face : Quality, Other, Environment, Selection, Wait Time, Customer Service

“I have worn the necklace 4 or 5 times now. I get so many compliments on it every time…” Feb 13, 2016

“Love the necklace. I wore it out to dinner last night.” Feb 13, 2016

Square Happy Face :  Quality, Selection, Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment

“Unique jewelry made with a thoughtful combination of high quality beads both ancient and modern in colors that amaze. Friendly and knowledgeable designer and like the jewelry absolutely unique.” Feb 28, 2016

Square Happy Face :  Wait Time, Selection, Environment, Quality, Customer Service

“I wondered if other Mah Jongg sets were available and the vendor checked her stash and voila!” Nov 18, 2016

Square Happy Face : Customer Service, Environment, Other, Wait Time