Pendulum Pit


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The Brass Dorje and Bell Ornaments are the focal for this unique necklace. They match the Brass Beads, Melon Cushions, and Flowered Toggle Clasp as well as the large and small Swarovski Brass Beads. The Brass Elements blend nicely with the Ancient Trade Beads: Yellow Cross, Yellow Melon Rondelles, Yellow Eye, and Blue Dogon Beads. Baule Brass and Seed Beads complete this one-of-a-kind treasure.

Earrings: These interesting earrings were custom made to match Pendulum Pit. They include Yellow Eye Beads and Yellow Melon Rondelles as well as Blue Dogon Trade Beads. They are completed with Brass Beads and Ear Wires.



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Dimensions 26 in

Blue, Brass, Red, Yellow


Brass Bell & Dorje, Swarovski Brass, Brass, Baule Brass, Seed Beads, Trade Beads: Cross, Dogon, Eye, Melon, Watermelon