Green Ivy



The inspiration behind this interesting necklace was green ivy on a fence. Inlaying a picture within chain maille can be relatively difficult at times, but the effect is well worth the time. In this case, the green Anodized Aluminum contrasts nicely with the silver Bright Aluminum Rings. The European 4-in-1 weave hangs nicely from Half Persian 1-in-3 weaves. European weaves are considered flat maille, allowing them to remain flat as the weave expands and contracts. Persian weaves, named for the designs they create, use rings perpendicular to one another. This creates an asymmetrical feel. In this necklace, a Reversed Half Persian 1-in-3 weave was used to simulate the top of the fence, creating a line of rings that stick out from the rest. This piece was completed with a Half Persian 1-in-3 Sheet Weave for the neckline. It is completed with a silvery Plated Brass Lobster Claw Clasp.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 in

Green, Silver


Anodized Aluminum Rings, Bright Aluminum Rings, Plated Brass Lobster Clasp