Florentine Falconer



The Lovely Hummingbird was hand-carved by Matt Mitchell, a New Mexico Artisan and Falconer. His love for birds has led to him creating an assortment of lovely birds utilizing semiprecious gemstones. The Seed Beads are woven into intricate swirls that add texture and character to the design. The African Trade Beads are very unique and handmade in Ghana. The Hummingbird Central and Swarovski Crystals blend beautifully with the African Stone Trade Beads and Jade Bicones. The handcrafted Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp completes this interesting piece.

Earrings: These interesting earrings were made to match Florentine Falconer. They include the Unique Seed Bead Designs, African Trade Beads, Jade Stones, and Swarovski Crystals. They are completed by Sterling Silver Beads and Ear Wires.


Additional information

Dimensions 23 in

Dark Green, Olive Green, Silver


Jade, African Trade Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Hand-carved Stone Birds, Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp, Sterling Silver Ear Wires