Elements of War



War has changed lives for generations. This distinctive necklace embodies the beliefs of Independence and Freedom. The Bullets are unusual elements, and the Camouflage Ribbon extends the Military Theme. An unusual Round-link Chain hangs from the Grosgrain Camouflage Ribbon with Bows. This Chain holds Charms and Bullets with a smaller Brass Chain displaying an ancient Flail. It is completed with Silver Ribbon Holders and a Magnetic Clasp. This piece is very unique in its composition and involves Military Charms, the “Elements of War”. The Central Flail hangs significantly directly above the word “WAR”. This attention grabbing Military Steampunk is truly exceptional.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 in

Black, Brass, Cream, Green, Silver


Brass, Chain, Ribbon, Bows, Bubble Letters, Bullet Shells, Compass, Flail, Military Weapon Charms: Binoculars, Gun, Knife