Dinosaur Dreams



The pitted and striated Dinosaur Bone is very unique and a rare find in a custom necklace. These Majestic Pearls have an amazing luster. The dark colors of the Dinosaur Bone is well complemented by the exceptional Button Pearls and Brass Elements. The smooth luster of these Pearls contrasts to the pitted Bone making this an exclusive necklace choice. Also included are Hex-cut Seed Beads and a lovely handcrafted Wreath Toggle Clasp from Pacific Silverworks handcrafted in Peru.

Earrings: These lovely earrings match beautifully with Dinosaur Dreams. They include Dinosaur Bone, Freshwater Button Pearls, and 10K Gold Filled Elements.

Additional information

Dimensions 22 in

Brass, Brown, Cream, Gold, Brick Red


Dinosaur Bone, Freshwater Button Pearls, Seed Beads, Brass, 10K Gold Fill, Brass Toggle Clasp, 10K Gold Filled Ear Wires