Diente de Leon



This appealing “Green” necklace is made of entirely natural substances less the Seed Beads and Brass Accents. The Inlaid Inaja and Diente de León Seeds are very unique. The Diente de León Seeds actually resemble the tooth of a lion as the name suggests. This necklace displays five varieties of Seeds: Diente de León, Huevo de Tortola Mate, Camajuro, Yellow Tiger Acai, and Inaja. It is completed with Voluta Shell Heishi, making this natural necklace a very unusual item. The shapes are patterned to give it an attention-grabbing appearance. The nature of the design is symmetry. The Inlaid Inaja Seeds reveal some contrast as they are handmade items and reflect the creativity of the carver. A portion of the proceeds of this piece will go to the World Rainforest Fund. This is a neckwear design which is sure to please the Green Peace Enthusiast.

Earrings: These lovely earrings, made to match Diente de León, have Brass Beads and Ear Wires. They are completed with Voluta Shell Heishi as well as Diente de León and Yellow Tiger Acai Seeds.

Seed Warning: With all Seed Necklaces, one should be cognizant of the fact that Natural Seeds are utilized in these necklaces and are not manufactured items. A few Seeds have been documented as toxic if eaten. It is best to be informed when purchasing and wearing these lovely and unusual necklaces.

Additional information

Dimensions 27 in

Brass, Camel, Ochre, Tan


Seeds – Diente de León, Huevo de Tortola Mate, Camajuro, Yellow Tiger Acai, Inaja; Voluta Shell Heishi, Brass, Brass Spiral Hook & Eye Clasp, Brass Ear Wires