Batik Oculi



According to legend, the unique horn-shaped Batik Carnelian Tibetan dZi Beads will help with different factors of life dependent on the design of the bead. The single 2-Eye dZi Bead (left bead in picture) is known as a Love Stone. It is said to assist with family and relationship harmony. The two 3-Eye dZi Beads (central and right beads) relate to wealth and health. These are complemented by smaller Carnelian dZi Beads commonly used for Feng Shui. All of the dZi Beads are Batiked using the Lost Wax Relief Method, and they have a red-brown coloring with cream designs. The necklace is finalized using Carnelian Beads along with Copper Beads and Clasp.

Earrings: These pretty earrings include Carnelian dZi Beads and Swarovski Crystals as well as Copper Beads and Ear Wires.

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Dimensions 20 in

Red-Brown, Cream, Copper


Carnelian Tibetan dZi Beads, Carnelian, Seed Beads, Copper, Copper Hook & Eye Clasp, Swarovski Crystals, Copper Ear Wires