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The significance of gems and beads in human adornment is a very old tradition. The wearing of beaded ornaments dates back to the Sumerian,  Egyptian andAfrican cultures over 38,000 years ago. Age-old beading was crafted for many purposes including: prayers, protection, worries, money and adornment. In our varied African and Asian collections, we have beads dating back to early Venetian times, Tibetian amulets and prayer beads,  as well as, authentic African trade and wedding beads.

In Todays culture,  we use gemstones mainly to adorn our costumes for the joy of variety and to make our lives richer.  Our eclectic man-made collections of dichroic, chokers, and even chain maille help to make this site a shopping vista for young and old alike.

For the more astute shopper we have the site organized by Styles and Collections, Gemstones, Colors, and New Designs.

In the execution of our elegant beaded works of art, our craftsmanship reveals a one-of-a-kind fashionstatement.  The tasteful and feminine jewelry incorporates a worldwide and varied blend of quality luminousgemstones with fittings of copper, gold, brass and silver. Most pieces also incorporate Swarovski Crystals and quality fresh water pearls.  As a customer you have the inimitable ability to select your own quality pieces from extravagant to affordable.

We at Absolutely Unique, L.L.C. anticipate the creation of a timeless work of art, which will compliment your stylish wardrobe. We look forward to serving your discriminating needs and helping you to become a satisfied and astute jewelry lover and investor.


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